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Mission & Goals

Our Role

We are faculty and staff from the University of Pittsburgh School of Education, working along side undergrad fellows, graduate students, and the community partner A+ Schools. We work closely with Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) and Pitt's College in High School program

Although we recognize our role as guests to the communities we are in, we hope to build mutual relationships with the students at Pittsburgh Public Schools. 

Our Goals

  • Highlight the importance of social justice in the community and realizing the role we can play to make our world better on purpose. 

  • Foster a concurrent enrollment-anchored college preparatory opportunity to help students transgress inequity en route to Pathways in post-secondary education

The Importance

  • The theme of educational equity and social justice is embedded across all aspects of the program. Through a mixture of classwork and real-world experiences, youth are encouraged to think in ways that prepare them to be advocates for marginalized voices. 

  • Enrich, equip, enhance and help educate students for future college success and realize their value to their community and beyond.